Rolling Enrollment
Penny Pumpernickel Pants Playcare is open year-round and enrolls on an ongoing basis. Children are accepted monthly as space becomes available.

Parents and children are welcome to visit by appointment. First visits are typically scheduled after preschool hours to ensure we have an opportunity to connect and discuss your families’ interests and how they align with the program we offer. Please call or email in advance to schedule a visit with your little one.

Creating Your Schedule at Penny Pumpernickel Playcare
You can choose care from 9am-1pm (M/T) or 10am – 2pm (W/Th.)

Penny Pumpernickel Pants Playcare offers multiple options for care.
Parents may choose 1-4 days a week for the morning sessions.
Families interested in afternoon care, please see WAIT LIST page for more information.

Hours of operation:

Monday, Tuesday
9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Wednesday & Thursday
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Tuition Rates
1 day/ week ~ $168.00/month
2 days/week ~ $335.00/month
3 days/week ~ $460.00/month
4 days/week ~ $600.00/month

A.M.  includes snack and lunch

Q: Is there a registration fee when registering my child?
A: Yes. A non-refundable registration fee is due annually to secure your placement.

Q: How is tuition paid?
A: Tuition is paid once a month via check or bill payment through your online banking.
Tuition is due on or before the 25th of the month. Late fees apply.

Q: I am registered for care but am going on vacation for an extended period. How does this reflect tuition for my child.
Registering your child means that a spot is being held for you. Tuition will not be reduced due to illness, absences, vacations or holidays. Childcare days may not be switched for other days.

Q: What is the holiday schedule for playcare?
We observe all state holidays and are closed for continuing education days.  Penny Pumpernickel Pants Playcare is open year round but closed for 16 vacation days throughout the year.  We will provide at least 30 days notice for vacation and continuing education closures.