About Us

31441_511971618876178_86823110_nOphelia de Serres is a second generation childcare provider, spending her formative years in her mum’s home daycare in her native Toronto. Her philosophy is informed by her experience as a mother, children’s advocate, musician, and artist. She believes healthy children are inquisitive, creative, and develop an early respect for self and others. Her priority is allowing each child a space to establish their own identity and talents. Her kids use their imaginations and have a passion for learning about their world. Her space is one that seeks to draw children in and interact collaboratively with other children. Her emphasis is on active learning and collaborative play.

Ophelia has served as a nanny and home daycare provider for a combined 12 years. She previously taught children as an English language teacher. Her approach to child safety is influenced by her background as an assaulted women and children’s counselor advocate. She founded the nonprofit organization (Wo)Men Speak Out in 2007 with her husband Chris, which seeks to increase dialogue in our communities and schools on abuse and safety. She previously served as a volunteer with the Seattle Police Department, working with victims of domestic violence.

61926_442531609145137_1971882840_nChris de Serres is an advocate for victims of domestic violence and child abuse. He seeks to educate our communities about abuse and helps implement preventative measures to protect our most vulnerable populations. He is an occasional ‘pennypants professional’ and is a self-professed instigator of fun. He believes strongly that all children should jump often and works diligently to assist the kids in the proper way of pretending to be a pirate and/or knight of the round table. It takes practice. He loves to read children’s books aloud. He learned to eat his vegetables at a very young age, but he never quite outgrew juice boxes.


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